I have retired. If, however, you were a customer and have a support question, please do feel free to ring, text or email. If you ordered a cylinder with restricted copying of keys, please do continue to get contact for extra key copies.



(We were providers of locksmith services in Wandsworth since 2004, covering Wandsworth Common, Wandsworth Town and Earlsfield.

We believe in NDE (non-destructive entry) techniques. If you’re locked out, we will start by trying to pick or bypass the lock first; drilling (and charging you for a new lock) is our last resort not our first.

We also believe our prices to be reasonable. Rather than a call-out fee, there is simply a minimum charge for the 1st hour.)

Our charges for locksmith services can be found here. We can often give an estimate if you telephone or email us. Our telephone number is 07706 533 488.

Our email address is