There is no call-out charge. In other words, you do not pay a charge for us to come out to you on top of the payment for the actual time taken.

There is instead a minimum charge of the first hour’s work. It is a subtle difference, but it does make a difference. If, for example, it is discovered through no fault of yours that we cannot help you after all — say, for example, the best pick for the job happened to break and we forward the job to another locksmith — then you don’t pay anything to us.

Hourly charges for locksmith services are £60 per hour from 0900 to 1800 on weekdays (that is to say, jobs that are booked from 0900 onwards and end by 1800).

Although we don’t guarantee to offer a 24-hour service, the charges are £95 per hour if we attend nights (2200 to 0700) or Chrismas day, Boxing day or New Year’s day.

All other times (normal evenings and weekends and the remaining public holidays) are charged at £75 per hour.

We can often give an estimate if you telephone or us.

There are, however, two or three very straightforward jobs that enjoy a reduced labour rate. Please call for details.