Mobile Services

We fit, change, repair and open locks on front doors, back doors, french doors, patio doors, internal doors, roof doors, … You get the idea: if it should only open and close for a select few, then we can make it so. (Please note that we can’t fit locks that the customer has purchased. Unfortunately we have nearly always found that the wrong kind of lock has been purchased; and we aren’t always believed when we point this out.)

We do the same things for window locks.

We can also augment the security on your doors and windows. Advice and estimates for increasing security are free in the local area (Wandsworth Common and Wandsworth Town). Give us a call.

Keys can often be changed without replacing the entire lock — a cost effective way of dealing with keys that have got into the wrong hands. We can key locks alike, reducing the number of keys needing to be carried.

We attend lockouts (although we don’t guarantee a 24-hour emergency service).

And if a lock or chain is refusing to give you back your motorbike or bicycle, our mobile service can come and free it from railings, trees, etc. (Do please be ready to be asked for proof of ownership if the bike is not located on your premises.)